Doing Unto Others documents a filmmaker's descent into the heart of darkness where every day is a catastrophe; where a dream quickly dissolves into a nightmare that relentlessly continues its ruthless downward spiral.  Triumph and tragedy intermingle in this documentary where there are no clear winners or losers but alas, the fight goes on and he's not giving up.

     DOING UNTO OTHERS is a feature documentary about the making of the feature film, UNTO OTHERS, shot during the advent of digital video on a budget of $40,000.  The feature was produced in June and July of 2000 through the Connecticut non-profit arts organization, Hygienic Art, Inc.


      The feature is a dark comedy about two sets of brothers (one good the other bad) who cross paths in a mountain tavern and discover they share the same father, a Texas preacher known as the “Roadhouse Preacher” who also happens to be a successful womanizer.


      The film stars Duane Whitaker (PULP FICTION, DUSK TIL DAWN II), Charles Gunning (SLACKER, MILLER’S CROSSING, NEWTON BOYS), Bob Cichinni (GODFATHER III, PRIMARY COLORS), Sammy Shore, and several others.


     The feature film is currently in post production.  Because the production was so unusual and encountered such staggering problems we teamed with two other filmmakers who became interested in doing a documentary about the project.


Coming soon on DVD